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ceryni_10's Journal

Looking for magic in middle England

10 October
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To define my life thus far I would have to say it’s fairly average..

And I and just trying to figure out my place in the world with what fate has been dealing me (which at this point in time could defiantly be questioned). I want to make my mark on the world and just cannot seem to find my way, hopefully this form of expression in this form of medium will help things if only a tad.
With all of the imagination and such that a single person can create why is it the world seems to conformed and dull. If I described my life in one adjective it would be 'grey'. For there is no other colour that can express what I feel on a day to day basis. (in my opinion anyway)
I do realize this sounds all very dull in itself, even depressing if we are being honest but its my journal so I'll have it my way :)

My friends appear to think of me as very upbeat, rarely down and on most occasions very hilarious (laughing at or with is another story on its own..) I’m always on the look out for an adventure but haven’t so far seemed to found one that should have the scope of the ones that I read in books.

I want happiness. I want magic. And most of all I want it NOW!

Ty World :)